Dr. Charlie Thompson
Curriculum and Education Director
Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University


Rob Amberg
Photography Instructor

Tennessee Watson
Audio Instructor
Hasani Anthony
Linda Arnade
Arlene Barochin
Carson Denny
Ekta Dharia
Dan Dwyer
Molly Goldwasser
Kelly Haven
Jeff Harris
Ali Herman
Erin Hope
Daniel Kimberg
Evy Kory
Elaine Leddy
Jing Luo
Nicole Marín
Alexis Vaughan
Emily Znamierowski



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Rev. Keith Daniel and the PathWays at Duke, Duke Chapel

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Dr. Robert Thompson, Dean of Trinity College, Duke University

Rev. Dr. Betsy Alden, Service Learning Coordinator

Dr. Vicki Stocking, Research Service Learning Coordinator and the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University

The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University



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