By Evy Kory and Jing Luo
The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a national membership organization that had its main office in New Orleans when Katrina hit.


Alicia Wheeler's House
By Ali Herman and Daniel Kimberg
Alicia Wheeler's home in New Orleans was severely damaged by flooding and black mold. College students volunteering with Common Ground Relief spent almost a week carefully dismantling and cleaning Wheeler's home.


Common Ground Relief
By Emily Znamierowski and Nicole Marín
Common Ground Relief began providing assistance to thousands of low-income New Orleans residents in the first week after Hurricane Katrina and continues its mission to this day.


Common Ground Health Clinics
By Linda Arnade and Molly Goldwasser
The Common Ground Health Clinic was one of the first Common Ground Relief projects established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. It continues to be one of the major providers of primary health care in New Orleans.


Emergency Communities
By Erin Hope and Carson Denny
Emergency Communities serves freshly prepared food to hundreds of residents and relief workers out of it's tent city location in St. Bernard Parish.


H.O.P.E. Project
By Hasani Anthony and Kelly Haven
The H.O.P.E. Project is an off-shoot of Common Ground and helps gut houses and support the community in St. Bernard Parish.


Jeremiah Group
By Elaine Leddy and Arlene Barochin
The Jeremiah Group is a collection of organizations working within New Orleans' political structure to effect positive change.


Mama D and the Soul Patrol
By Jeff Harris and Alexis Vaughan
Mama D and the Soul Patrol run a grassroots relief effort out of Mama D's house in the Seventh Ward. Mama D stayed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and set up one of the first relief stations after the storm.


Greater St. Mary's Baptist Church
By Ekta Dharia and Dan Dwyer
Greater St. Mary's Baptist Church in the Gretna area of New Orleans helps support its congregation and community by serving food and preaching a message of redemption.

    Students at work
By Rob Amberg
Photographs of students working in New Orleans over spring break.
    We're All Connected
Stories from Post-Katrina New Orleans
Performed at Duke University on April 25, 2006.
    Finding Common Ground
By Charlie Thompson, Rob Amberg and Tennessee Watson
Words and images of relief workers in New Orleans gathered during Thanksgiving Week 2005. The documentary work for this piece laid the ground work for the return of Dr. Thompson's class in March 2006.
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